Form to generate metadata JSON for mapping a CSV file to the Wikidata graph model according to the W3C Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web Recommendation For details, see

Jessica K. Baskauf 2020-08-23

Thanks to Mark Denning for adding file download functionality 2021-04-19

For each component of a Wikidata entry, enter the name of the column header in your spreadsheet whose entries correspond to that component. (Wikidata ID column header is required, all other components can be added as needed.)

Please enter the name of the property, the ID for that property, and the type of the column entries for this property. You can find the Property ID corresponding to your property name here: You must also include a column for Statement UUIDs corresponding to this property. *Any property, qualifier, or reference property with type Date, Quantity, or Globe Coordinate will have additional column headers automatically generated in order to allow for the specification of multiple values required for a full description.

Add any column headers here for columns you want to ignore in the output JSON.

Enter the filename you will use for your CSV: