Linked Data and Semantic Web Working Group

Learn about Linked Data and the Semantic Web in the company of Digital Humanists and Digital Scientists

We meet from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on most Mondays in 800FA of the Central Library. Newcomers are always welcome! Check the schedule below for details about topics. Also see our Github repository for code samples. Contact Suellen Stringer-Hye with any questions or see the FAQs below.

What will we be working on?

Linked Data: structured data on the Web

Each week, we'll cover a new chapter.

Working Sessions

"Real World" examples using data from your projects.


How can data graphs help solve your current research problems?


Frequently Asked Questions

Why learn About Linked Data and the Semantic Web?
For a long time, our data has been constrained in "silos" created by the structure of our databases. But we want to be able to share, reuse and integrate our data with the global information network. Linked Data can help with that.

Why Linked Data and the Semantic Web for Digital Humanities?
One of the hallmarks of humanistic research is the ambiguous nature of our inquiries. Linked Data and the Semantic Web offers the opportunity to use digital tools that better fit our data models.

Why Linked Data and the Semantic Web for Digital Science?
Scientists especially, need to be able to share data openly and across boundaries. Also, network analysis in the sciences is critical to understanding relationships between data points.

What if I am not a technical person?
No need to worry. Discussion is both technical and theoretical and the group participatory so anyone can join at any time!

What should I bring?
If you can, please bring a laptop with you to the sessions. If you don't have a laptop, you can always check one out from the library. We're agnostic about operating systems—Linux, OSX or Windows are all fine.

Can I join anytime?
Yes! We try to keep our sessions as modular as possible. If you need help with anything we've covered in a previous session, we'd be glad to bring you up to speed. We strive to be a friendly and welcoming group at all times.


Date Location Topic Session Notes
1/9/2017 Wond'ry Center Data Modelling Week 1
1/23/2017 800FA, Central Library Vocabularies and Terms
1/30/2017 800FA, Central Library Data Mapping
2/06/2017 800FA, Central Library Data Conversion
2/13/2017 800FA, Central Library Open
2/20/2017 800FA, Central Library Guest Speaker Viktor's Powerpoint
2/27/2017 800FA, Central Library Triple Stores and SPARQL Queries
3/13/2017 800FA, Central Library Websites from RDF data
3/20/2017 800FA, Central Library Discovering Datasets
3/27/2017 800FA, Central Library Semantic Web Alternatives

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