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Files and tables in Python module

This module shows how to load data from and save data to a local file or file in Google Drive as well as how to retrieve data on the web. It discusses how simple Python data structures like lists and dictionaries can be combined to create tabular data structures. It also introduces a workhorse two-dimensional data structure used in data science with Python: pandas DataFrames.

This module includes an optional lesson that introduces another commonly used Python multidimensional data structure: NumPy arrays.

Recommended reference: Python for Data Analysis, 2nd Edition by Wes McKinney via Vanderbilt’s catalog / direct link to O’Reilly (VUNet login required). Free online version of documentation via pandas website.

Total video time: 5h 25m for all parts, but most users will spend about 4h

Data from files lesson
Introductory Python coding module
Complex structures and functions lesson
Reading and writing CSVs lesson
DataFrame manipulation lesson
Pandas Series and DataFrames lesson
Optional NumPy arrays lesson
Rearranging and combining DataFrames
Data visualization with Python module

Lessons included in this module:

Data from files estimated 55 minutes

Complex data structures and functions 30 minutes

Reading and writing CSV files 34 minutes

optional lesson on NumPy arrays 53 minutes

Pandas series and data frames 61 minutes but not all videos apply to all users

DataFrame manipulation 40 minutes

Rearranging and combining DataFrames 35 minutes

Revised 2021-01-31

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