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Introductory Python coding module

This module covers many basic Python concepts through one-dimensional data structures. It provides background for several intermediate level modules.

Recommended reference: Introducing Python (2nd Edition) by Bill Lubanovic via the Vanderbilt Libraries’ catalog / direct link to O’Reilly (VUNet login required).

Total video time: 3h 30m

Start coding module
Python programming basics lesson
Using code libraries lesson
Loops lesson
List and dictionary objects lesson
Conditional execution lesson
Files and tables in Python module
Procedural programming module

Lessons included in the module:

Python programming basics 67 minutes

Using code libraries 34 minutes

List and dictionary objects 32 minutes

Loops 33 minutes (lesson videos only, 61 minutes with live coding examples)

Conditional execution 44 minutes

Revised 2021-01-31

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