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CodeGraf - Introduction to stats with R module

This module demonstrates how to perform statistical tests on a variety of experimental data using R. It also focuses on the assumptions of each test and gives non-parametric alternatives for cases where assumptions are not met.

Total video time: not yet determined

R programming basics module
Factors and t-test of means lesson
Transformations and non-parametric tests
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) lesson
Continuous bivariate data lesson
Multiple regression lesson
Tests with discontinuous Y lesson

Lessons included in this module:

Factors and the t-test of means 33 minutes

Transformations and non-parametric tests 25 minutes

Continuous bivariate data 47 minutes

Analysis of variance (ANOVA) 63 minutes

Multiple regression (under construction)

Tests with discontinuous Y (under construction)

Revised 2021-01-31

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