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DiSC Wikidata Workshops

The Wikidata workshops scheduled for spring 2022 have been cancelled. We plan to offer them in a future semester, probably during the 2022-23 academic year.

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Wikidata is an increasingly popular online database that can be edited by anyone. Although it’s related to Wikipedia, it is now used as a data source by a wide variety of projects. In this workshop series, we’ll learn more about how to edit Wikidata effectively and how to use its data for our own purposes. We will also introduce Wikibase, the platform that supports Wikidata and that can be customized specifically for any data project.

Contact: Steve Baskauf

Session schedule

Date Session Topic Notes
  1 Editing with the graphical user interface webpage
  2 Use cases and example projects webpage
  3 Beginner SPARQL queries and visualizations webpage
  4 Computer assist tools: Scholia and /missing, QuickStatements, and OpenRefine webpage
  5 Wikibase and WBStack webpage


Links to some Wikidata resources

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