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Getting stated

Wikidata home page

Wikidata notability policy


Wikidata Query Service graphical interface (click on file folder for sample queries)

Basic lessons on Linked Data

Applications and tools

Cradle - tool to create new items using a form.

Gadget options - from Preferences page.

Listeria - creates and updates lists on Wikipedia using Wikidata queries. See this page for an example.

Merge two Items page or use the Merge tool from the Gadgets page.

Recoin (Relative Completeness Indicator) - script to extend entity pages with information about their relative completeness.

Scholia - creates visualizations of researcher publications dynamically using SPARQL queries of Wikidata

Connecting with the community

Vanderbilt Wikidata Working Group

LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group - includes links to recordings of previous bi-weekly calls.

2019 Wikidata and Wikibase vision and strategy papers

Getting started with Wikibase

Knowledge of Docker is required to set up your own Wikibase instance

Getting started with Docker

Setting up an instance of Wikibase on your local computer

The Wikibase data model

Information on Docker Machine (useful if you want to try to install Wikibase on a cloud service like AWS)

Create a bot to load data into Wikibase

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