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CodeGraf - Introduction to GitHub module

This module teaches you how to use the GitHub Desktop Client to create a personal version control and backup system using GitHub.

Total video time: 1h 42m

begin introductory lesson
GitHub background lesson
Setting up a repository lesson
The work cycle lesson
Commits and push/pull from GitHub lesson
GitHub to recover from disasters lesson

Lessons included in this module:

Background 17 minutes

Setting up a repository 16 minutes

Markdown basics, commits, pull from/push to GitHub 28 minutes

The work cycle 43 minutes

Using GitHub to recover from disasters 18 minutes

Note: The modules shown on the diagram are planned for the future

Collaborative project management (future module, perhaps fall 2021) - see this page for notes on the subject.

GitHub pages websites (future module, perhaps fall 2021)

Revised 2021-01-31

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