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XQuery Resources

Many of the linked resources on this page are from the XQuery for Humanists workshop materials created by Clifford Anderson. Individual linked pages are organized by topic below, but you can start at the landing page to access them in the order they were presented at the workshop.

Processor options and installation

There are several XQuery processor options. BaseX is popular because it is open source and is relatively easy to install and run as a stand-alone application. eXist is also open source but has a bigger learning curve because it is more complex and requires using a browser-based system to execute basic queries. However, eXist also has powerful features for building web applications. On can also run XQuery queries using the very full-featured oXygen XML editor. However, oXygen is not open source and requires a paid subscription.

Each of these processors will run queries that consist entirely of standard XQuery functions. However, they also include special processor-specific functions that extend the functionality of XQuery, but that are non-standard and therefore will not work in other processors.

The XQuery4Humanists site provides some bare-bones instructions for getting started with the three XQuery processors listed above. For more detailed instructions on installing BaseX, see the presentation below.

Getting started

Getting Started with XQuery - an abbreviated quick-start introduction.

Basics of XQuery from XQuery4Humanists - a more detailed introduction to the syntax and structure of XQuery queries.

Acquiring, loading, and transforming data

Methods for loading XML and CSV data into BaseX

Accessing JSON from an application programming interface (API) from XQuery4Humanists.

Loading CSV data and storing data in the BaseX database from XQuery4Humanists.

Generating JSON and CSV data from XQuery4Humanists.


Exploring Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) markup from XQuery4Humanists.

Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS), OpenRefine, and IIIF from XQuery4Humanists.

Text Mining at Scale presentations (fall 2019)

Session schedule

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: XML and BaseX

Session 3: XPath

Session 4: XQuery

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