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Data Visualization Resources


go to the Tableau Public website

R and ggplot

go to the ggplot2 website

Lesson series on ggplot

Other resources

Notes from Spring 2019 Data Visualization Working Group series by the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning (VIDL)

Data visualization with Python: Matplotlib/Seaborn Intro (Session 2, Jan 30) - Andrew Melo

Data visualization with Python: Bokeh visualization (Session 3, Feb 13) - Dan Burger

Data visualization with Python: numpy and pandas (Session 4, Feb 27) - Will French

Data visualization with R (Session 5, Mar 13) - Kate Brady

Other presentations

Introduction to Data Visualization using Python and R - Steve Baskauf (9 MB, download in .pptx format) March 29, 2019

Duke University Libraries Online Learning - Data Visualization Tutorials

Statistical analysis resources

Stata Resources Guide. Includes instructions for accessing the software at Vanderbilt, links to tutorials and workshops, and links to documentation.

Lesson series on statistics with R (under construction)

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