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GitHub for beginners: Introduction

This lesson introduces GitHub and explains some of the basics of version control and Git.

Learning objectives At the end of this lesson, the learner will:

Total video time: 17m 4s

Lesson slides from videos

Slides illustrating key terms

Text description of key terms

For a large-scale overview of ways to use GitHub, see this page

Welcome (2m16s)

What is version control? (5m20s)

Git vs. GitHub (4m49s)

Git website

Software Carpentry lesson on Version Control with Git

GitHub website

Module goals (3m54s)


Contrary to what the video says, we will be covering the project management tools and GitHub pages in this lesson series.

An example of a website created and maintained with GitHub Pages is here: The web hosting is completely free and nothing is being paid for a custom domain name. It is also responsive to mobile.

For more help (0m45s)

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