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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS offers many services for deploying applications in the cloud. They include Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) cloud servers, simple DynamoDB NoSQL databases, and Lambda serverless computing. AWS also makes available many media and machine learning services that transcribe, translate, speak, and perform sentiment analysis. Those services can be used through the AWS web interface or via the command line interface (CLI).

For information on security in AWS, go to this page

For information on uploading files to S3 buckets and creating a static website, see this page

For information about setting up the AWS command line interface (CLI), see this page

For information about using an AWS service by web interface, CLI, and by script, see this page

For information on creating a serverless application using Lambda, see this page

Presentation 1 on security and S3

Presentation 2 on the CLI, using a service, and creating a Lambda

Presentation 3 on Docker and cloud servers

Getting started

You can open a small-scale personal account for one year for free. Go to and click on “Create an AWS Account”.

A credit card is required, but unless you do something computationally intensive, it will be free for the first year.

For more information

AWS offers a number of tutorials that you can use to teach yourselve more.

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