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Data Science
    Data cleaning
    Data management
        Planning resources
        Version control
    Data visualization
    Digital privacy and security
    Geospatial science
        GIS homepage
        Remote Sensing homepage

    Linked Open Data (LOD)
        Graphs, URIs, and triples
        RDF serializations and triplestores
        Installing Blazegraph and Wikibase using Docker
        Wikibase data model

Scholarly Communications
    Application hosting and management
        Wikidata resources
        Installing Docker
        Docker Compose
        Docker Machine
    Digital publishing and curatation
    Document markup

Scripting/programming languages homepage
        Resources page
        Working Group website
        Resources page
            Installing Python
            Installing Thonny IDE
            Using a code editor to write Python
        Working Group website
        Scripting basics
        Object oriented Python
        Lists and loops
        Dictionaries and JSON
        File input and output
        Interacting with the Internet
        Resources page
        Working Group website
    Jupyter notebooks

Understanding my computer homepage
    Installing software
    Command line

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